I really enjoy working with High School Seniors during the summer before their final year of high school.  There's always a lot of excitement and anticipation.  The best photos are those that capture the true personality of each individual and that's what I'll strive to accomplish with each shoot.


What To Expect:  Together we'll select a location or two for shooting your photos.  Outdoor photos are best when taken in the morning and early evening but I'm available to work around your schedule.  I also have access to an indoor studio if you'd like to explore that option as well.  Following our photo session, I'll upload your photos for an initial online review.  Once you've narrowed your choices down to your favorites I'll correct and print proofs of those photos.  We then set up a meeting to go over the proofs and I'll help you place your order.


When To Schedule A Shoot:  I start shooting Senior Portraits early in the summer and finish up in November as the snow begins to fly.  Really, it's based upon your schedule though many schools request yearbook images in early October.  


Some Helpful Tips:  It's not always easy getting ready for a photo shoot.    What I've found through my own experience with my family is that the photos that I enjoy the most are somewhat simple but tend to reflect the "true essence" of each individual.  So here are a few tips that might help:


*Solid (or mostly solid) colors with simple, clean lines look great in photos.  Textures in fabrics can add some real interest and variation as well - think chunky sweaters, cordoroy, fleece.   Try to choose colors that compliment your hair and eye color.  Most importantly, pick outfits that you feel great in.

*Bring 4-6 outfits so that you can switch things up a bit.  Layers are great too.  Though we'll be shooting in the summertime be sure to think about long sleeve outfits as well.  It's important to mix things up.  I always say bring more - we may not use them all but can pick and choose.

*Express yourself...some of my favorite photos are those in high school sports jerseys, letter jackets or are pictured with a musical instrument or athletic gear.  Bring props that mean something to you - you never know when we'll use them and often those help to "calm the nerves"



I'd love to work with you.  Please contact me for more information on pricing and products.